Diana's Place
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via Volturno 54 - ROMA
via Volturno 54 - ROMA
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The Diana's Place menu is a continuous and tasty journey. A contemporary creative Italian cuisine and at the same time strongly linked to traditions.
Quality products, passion, warm hospitality!
The wisdom of the centenarian tradition, an expression of the Italian territory, meets dishes with an international profile.
Original creations and reinterpretations of the classics of Italian cuisine! A very contemporary and creative menu.
From buffalo mozzarella with traditional panzanella and anchovies from Cantabrico to Alalunga tuna tartare.
From ravioli with ``Cacio & Pepe`` to gnocco guanciale and octopus.
Each dish on the menu creates a harmonious balance on the palate and pleasant memorable sensations!
Try, Taste and Tell an Italian gourmet story!