Diana's Place
+39 06 92935170
via Volturno 54 - ROMA
via Volturno 54 - ROMA
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Diana's Place


Our new Diana’s Place near Trevi Fountain is a fantastic winery.

The ideal place dedicated those who wish to immerse themselves and savour a moment of exquisiteness by experiencing quality in Italian enogastronomic story!

Delicious jpurney through excellent food that represent Italy and other important countries and to discover wines that represent the story of enology.

A journey that will be an exciting and engaging combination for the taste buds!

More than a thousand labels from the best “Maison”! An outstanding Wine Temple. Beyond tasting annotations, vine knowledge, wine-making rituals and their provenance.

The new Trevi Bistrot is a very graceful and elegant little winery. You will feel pampered by our staff.

Our sommelier will always be ready to surprise you with unconventional and surprising combinations

We are waiting for you in Via Santa Maria in Via 10, Rome near Trevi Fountain!

Try, taste and tell with us an amazing story!

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