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via Volturno 54 - ROMA
via Volturno 54 - ROMA
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Diana's Place

The Best of Rome

The best of Rome is to be enjoyed at the Diana’s Place, in a different way.

What to eat in Rome? What are the traditional Roman dishes?

There is a world to taste and now we discover it together!



Did you know that carbonara is most likely born of an American desire?

In any case we will continue to include it in the typical Roman tradition.

Egg, “guanciale” and pepper, three ingredients amalgamated to the perfection of our tonnarello!

Are you ready to blow up your taste buds?


Best Roman Food

Cacio & Pepe!

Another Italian dish with Roman origins that captures you from the first taste!

The secret is in the creaming of the three ingredients: “pecorino romano”, pasta and pepper.

Egg pasta is ideal for absorbing the creaminess of pecorino. This is why we decided to revisit it and create our highly appreciated ravioli!



Best Roman dishes


It comes from Amatrice, but the amatriciana is now part of the Roman gastronomic story.

It comes from “gricia” and only after adding the tomato sauce.

Our chef proposes it with a tonnarello, and has a particular attention both for cooking pasta and sauce.

With which wine would you combine it?


Best Roman Food

We are waiting for you in our Bistrot to taste together the best of Rome!

Try, taste and tell: an Italian gourmet story!


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